Indiana State Sentinel: September 11, 1878 (Indiana’s Third State Capitol Building Design Released to the Hoosier Public)

Courtesy of Hoosier State Chronicles.
Courtesy of Hoosier State Chronicles.

On September 11, 1878, the Indiana State Sentinel released the architectural renderings of the proposed third capitol building for the state of Indiana, located in the 1825 appointed capitol city of Indianapolis. A total of $2 million dollars was set aside for the building’s construction which began in October of 1878 and completed in 1888.

Indiana’s capitol building, to this day, is the only state capitol building to house all three branches of government (judicial, legislative & executive) under one roof.

As depicted in the 1879 design, the architects intended the Italian-inspired great dome of the capitol building to be 234 feet tall!  Upon project completion, the dome actually measured 256 feet.  Noted, too, in the blueprints are the various statues positioned on the roof .  Most of these originally intended statues were eliminated from the budget, which is one of many reasons the building completed construction in 1888 consuming only $1.8 million of the $2 million funds set aside.

indiana state house
A contemporary view of the Indiana State House. Courtesy of the Indianapolis Star.