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Today in Hoosier History: Indiana Territory’s First Newspaper Published

Indiana Gazette, August 7, 1804. Hoosier State Chronicles.

210 years ago today, Elihu Stout at Vincennes published the first newspaper in the Indiana Territory.  The first issue of Indiana Gazette is not cataloged and may not exist.  In lieu of the first issue, we share with you the second issue, published on August 7, 1804.

#OTD July 24, 1901: Mary Bidwell Breed appointed Dean of Women at IU

Indianapolis Journal, November 17, 1901. Hoosier State Chronicles.

July 24, 1901.—The trustees of Indiana University created the position of dean of women, and appointed Miss Mary Bidwell Breed to the position.  She was the first woman to become a dean at Indiana University.  She served at IU as Dean of Women and Professor of Chemistry from 1901 to 1906.

Read more about her in the Indianapolis Journal from 1901, or search for other articles about her in Hoosier State Chronicles.

Today in Indiana History: Confederate Guerrilla’s Invade Indiana

On July 18, 1862, a small paramilitary force of Confederate sympathizers invaded Indiana and occupied the town of Newburgh.  The invaders obtained supplies and some ammunition before withdrawing across the Ohio River.  Read a contemporary account of the raid printed in the Indiana Daily State Sentinel at the linked image below.

Daily State Sentinel for July 21, 1862

Today in Indiana History: Terrible Railroad Accident near South Bend!

Marshall County Democrat, June 30, 1859. Hoosier State Chronicles.

On June 27, 1859, heavy rains caused the collapse of a railroad bridge near South Bend.  The Night Express train plunged into the water with 150 passengers on board.  Early estimates placed the death toll at over 40 with many more injured.  Read a contemporary account at the following link: Marshall County Democrat

Today in Indiana History: Benjamin Harrison Nominated for President

Indianapolis Journal, June 26, 1888. Hoosier State Chronicles.

On June 25, 1888, the Republican National Convention in Chicago nominated Indiana resident Benjamin Harrison for president.  You can read a contemporary newspaper account about the convention in the Republican supporting Indianapolis Journal.  Or if you want a different perspective you can read about it in the Democratic supporting Indiana State Sentinel.

Football Season Begins…in 1901

Indianapolis Journal, September 3, 1901. Hoosier State Chronicles.

Football season is upon us.  Hoosiers love their high school squads, college teams, and the Colts.  Indiana residents even loved football in 1901, when the state’s past-time of basketball was still in its infancy.  Read more about Indiana football at the dawn of the 20th century in the Indianapolis Journal above.

100 Years Ago today in Indiana, as Reported in the Jasper Weekly Courier

Jasper Weekly Courier, August 29, 1913. Chronicling America.

There are currently over 63,000 pages of historic Indiana newspapers available for free through the Chronicling of America website at the Library of Congress.  You can find many great pieces of the past there.  For instance, if you wanted to find out what happened 100 years ago today, you could check out the Jasper Weekly Courier for August 29, 1913.  The Courier ran a column titled “Happenings in Indiana,” click on the image to the right, and go to the sixth column.

You can also peruse the entire issue of the paper at this link Jasper Weekly Courier.