Notable Hoosier Obits: Oliver P. Morton

Indiana’s wartime Governor Oliver P. Morton, circa 1860-1865. Photograph by Matthew Brady. NARA/Wiki Commons.

This day in 1877 U.S. Senator Oliver P. Morton died.  Morton served as Indiana’s governor throughout the Civil War.  He was an ardent Unionist, and some contemporaries charged that he exceeded his constitutional authority in some cases in an effort to squash dissent and disloyalty within the state.  Experts frequently list Morton as one of Indiana’s best governors, and as one of the strongest state governors during the Civil War.

Two obits/memorials from contemporary newspapers, one Republican, one Democrat, are below.  It is interesting that even the Democratic Sentinel offered praise of the deceased Republican politician.

Indianapolis Journal, November 2, 1877.
Indianapolis Daily Sentinel, November 2, 1877.