Boy! Do We Have a Christmas Present for You!

Just in time for Christmas we have a lot of new digitized newspaper content available for you!

We recently uploaded another 23,000 pages into Hoosier State Chronicles including over 10,000 pages from the South Bend News-Times, and new Indianapolis Journal content from 1893-95.

As a special present for Hoosiers, any Indiana resident can now access over 400,000 pages of digitized Indiana newspapers via a special agreement with  To access the content follow these instructions:

1. Go to .  If you try accessing INSPIRE at an Indiana library you shouldn’t need to log-in.  However, if you try accessing INSPIRE via your home, coffee shop, work place, etc. you will need to create a log-in.  Again, if you are an Indiana resident access to the select content is free via INSPIRE.

2. Once you are into INSPIRE, click on the Newspapers link, which will give you several options for digitized newspaper content.

3. To access the select 400,000 pages via, click on the link.

In the coming year, the Indiana content on is expected to grow at a rate of 50,000 pages a month!

Didn’t I promise you a GREAT Christmas present?