Accessing Newspapers via INSPIRE

Indiana residents can freely access over 1.64 MILLION pages of the following titles via INSPIRE.

READ this page to find out how!

Titles and dates currently available:

  • Angola Herald (1877-1963)
  • (Angola) Steuben Republican (1860-1964)
  • Argos Reflector (1881-1966)
  • Brazil Daily Times (1907-1964)
  • Bremen Daily Enquirer (1891-1892)
  • Bremen Enquirer (1885-1964)
  • Bristol Banner (1877-1919)
  • Brook Reporter (1895-1964)
  • Brookville American (1865-1932)
  • Brookville Democrat (1896-1956)
  • Charlestown Courier (1941-1964)
  • Clinton Daily Clintonian (1935-1954)
  • Columbia City Commercial-Mail (1951-1964)
  • Culver Citizen (1903-1964)
  • Edinburg Daily Courier (1877-1963)
  • Evansville Press (1906-1927)
  • Fairmount News (1888-1964)
  • Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (1864-1899)
  • Fort Wayne Daily News (1874-1923)
  • Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette (1873-1923)
  • Fort Wayne Weekly Gazette (1895-1903)
  • Fort Wayne Weekly Journal (1890-1899)
  • Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel (1875-1917)
  • Fort Wayne Sentinel (1870-1923)
  • (Franklin) Evening Star (1912-1919)
  • Franklin Evening Star (1920-1966)
  • Garrett Clipper (1885-1964)
  • Garrett News (1876-1901)
  • Greenfield Daily Reporter (1905-2017)
  • (Greenfield) Hancock Democrat (1860-1957)
  • Logansport Pharos-Tribune (1890-2006)

The Indiana State Library (ISL) is digitizing some of its newspaper microfilm collection in partnership with  As part of ISL’s deal with, Indiana residents can get free access to the content we are providing by logging-in via INSPIRE. We’ve also been able to include content previously provided to from the Allen County Public Library.  Currently, there are over 1,640,000 pages available through the INSPIRE portal.


1. Go to .  If you try accessing INSPIRE at an Indiana library you shouldn’t need to log-in.  However, if you try accessing INSPIRE via your home, coffee shop, work place, etc. you may need to create a log-in.  Again, if you are an Indiana resident access to the select content is free via INSPIRE.

2. Once you are logged-in to INSPIRE, the page should look like what’s below.

3. You’ll need to scroll down the homepage until you see the logo. It should look like what’s below.

Click on the logo. It will take you to what’s shown below.

4. To access over 1.64 million Indiana newspaper pages via, look for the link BELOW the Hoosier State Chronicles logo, like shown:

5. SPECIAL NOTE: If you just want access to only the free content, then only perform a search in box below where it reads “Start your search now.”  Selecting search, browse, or papers from the top bar will search all of and will prompt you to subscribe to the site.

5. If you have any questions or problems accessing the content, contact Justin Clark or Michella Marino. You can find their contact info here.