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Digitized Newspapers and the Origins of Hoosier Hysteria

With Indianapolis hosting the Final Four next weekend, I thought I’d share this.  I have another blog where I recently posted about how digitized newspapers have uncovered new sources about how basketball arrived in Indiana.  These new sources have also dispelled the standard narrative of Indiana basketball starting in Crawfordsville.  If you want to read the full post, follow this link to my “Center of the Sport: Origins of Hoosier Hysteria” blog at Digitized Newspapers Prompt Re-Examination of Basketball’s Origins in Indiana.

New Content Uploaded

As many of this blog’s followers know, the Indiana State Library is cooperating with to digitize some of its master microfilm.  The content ISL is supplying to is freely available to Indiana residents as soon as it is uploaded.  If you don’t already know how, you can read here about how to access the content via INSPIRE.

Over the last few days, uploaded another 31,770 Indiana newspaper pages into the portal.  The new titles include the Greenfield Daily Reporter, the Hancock Democrat, and new pages added to the Franklin Evening Star and the Charlestown Courier.   Indiana residents can currently access 961,693 Indiana newspaper pages through the portal!!!!!!!

Over 27,000 More Pages Uploaded

We recently uploaded another 27,000 pages into Hoosier State Chronicles.

New and updated content includes:

Happy searching!

New Content in Hoosier State Chronicles

We’ve recently added some new content to Hoosier State Chronicles, pushing our page count to over 189,000 pages.  The newest addition is the Evansville Daily Journal from 1848-1859.  More Evansville issues will be added in the coming months.  We also added more issues of the South Bend News-Times up through the end of public domain in 1922.

Boy! Do We Have a Christmas Present for You!

Just in time for Christmas we have a lot of new digitized newspaper content available for you!

We recently uploaded another 23,000 pages into Hoosier State Chronicles including over 10,000 pages from the South Bend News-Times, and new Indianapolis Journal content from 1893-95.

As a special present for Hoosiers, any Indiana resident can now access over 400,000 pages of digitized Indiana newspapers via a special agreement with  To access the content follow these instructions:

1. Go to .  If you try accessing INSPIRE at an Indiana library you shouldn’t need to log-in.  However, if you try accessing INSPIRE via your home, coffee shop, work place, etc. you will need to create a log-in.  Again, if you are an Indiana resident access to the select content is free via INSPIRE.

2. Once you are into INSPIRE, click on the Newspapers link, which will give you several options for digitized newspaper content.

3. To access the select 400,000 pages via, click on the link.

In the coming year, the Indiana content on is expected to grow at a rate of 50,000 pages a month!

Didn’t I promise you a GREAT Christmas present?

10,000 more pages of the South Bend News-Times added

We recently ingested another 10,000 pages of the South Bend News-Times from November 1919 through May 1921.  That brings our total to 1,930 issues, or 30,000 pages of the South Bend newspaper from 1913-1922.  Over the next two months, we’ll upload another 20,000 South Bend pages which will fill in the current gap from October 1915 to December 1917, and finish digitizing the title through 1922.

One story you can find in the recently uploaded pages is about the death of University of Notre Dame football legend George Gipp.


30,000 More Digitized Newspaper Pages

We recently uploaded another 30,000 pages of digitized Indiana newspapers to our collection.  The additions include the Indianapolis Journal from May 1888-April 1893, the South Bend News-Times from July 1913-October 1915, and the Vevay Times and Switzerland County Democrat for 1840.

A National Digital Newspaper Program grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, in cooperation with the Library of Congress, funded the creation of most of this content.

In the next few months we’ll upload more of the South Bend News-Times through 1922.  We are also currently working to add issues of the Vevay Weekly Reveille from 1853-1901.

Today in Indiana History: Wendell Willkie Accepted Republican Nomination for President

August 17, 1940  – Wendell Willkie accepted the Republican nomination to run for President in his hometown of Elwood, Indiana. Over 260,000 were in the crowd.  Willkie became the fourth Hoosier resident to receive a party nomination for President.  Indiana’s other presidential nominees included Benjamin Harrison (Republican, 1888), Eugene V. Debs (Socialist, 1904, 1908, 1912, 1920), and Frank J. Hanly (Prohibition, 1916).  Willkie lost the 1940 election to incumbent Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Willkie received 44.8% of the popular vote, but only won 82 electoral votes to FDR’s 449.  Read about Willkie accepting the nomination in the Hammond Times.